Welcoming Miss Jeanette Illumine

Stock> Listing> Current

Stock> Listing> Current

Renee‘s sister is here! She’s going to need a lot of work– and it’ll be more difficult to clothe her– but she’s lovely 0_0

Company:  PlanetDoll
Ordered:  August 13th, 2015
Arrived:  August 24th, 2015
From:  Secondhand via eBay
Sculpt/Color:  Mini Riz in ‘Normal’ resin
Notes:  I bought her because I wanted a sister for Renee– someone she could share clothes and wigs with. Jeanette is pretty close; their sculpts have that ‘same company’ familiarity, and in that sense it works. However, she’s going to be a lot more work than I expected. The photos of her were not very clear in the listing, but now that she’s here I know she’ll need all her chipped, dingy body blushing removed, and also, when the weather is right, I want to replace her extremely depressing face-up– I like my dolls happy! Still, she’s a great size, and a good weight in my hands– not overly delicate or anything– and she looks good in the clothes, so I’m reasonably pleased 🙂

Her name is Jeanette after my favorite Chippette; her face reminded me of a movie from my childhood 😉

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