The Making of Tiger Lily and Tempest– Part Two

Follow-Up to Part One, of course ­čśë

Box opening!

Box opening!

I was kind of surprised they came with eyes– a lot of the more expensive companies don’t send their blank dolls with eyes, and Bobobie/Resin Soul is a bout as cheap as legit BJDs get ­čśë The eyes aren’t the colors I’d planned on, though; I’ve ordered the correct colors in the right sizes and they should arrive any day now, along with the proper materials for face-ups (the pastels I had weren’t fine enough). The weather, though, will be another matter. It’s getting far too cold for face-ups ­čśŽ They may have to wait until Spring.

Considering all the negatives I’d heard about these companies, I’m really very happy with them. They pose about as well as Jeanette and Renee, and they have a good weight to them– they don’t feel overly delicate.

Anyway, to make this official:

Company:  Tiger Lily is from Bobobie and Tempest is from Resin Soul
Ordered:  June 8th, 2015
Arrived:  September 28th, 2015
From:  Via Denver Doll Emporium
Sculpt/Color:  Bobobie March in Green and Resin Soul Yu in White
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