Off the Rack

Just a quick one while I ready the pictures for a larger post tomorrow 🙂

As y’all know, I love picking up BJD fashions ‘off the rack’– that is, finding mainstream doll clothes that fit my resin Littles. I stopped into Target today and found some nice ones! Letsee…

-I don’t have pictures yet, but the hats, tops, and socks from the mc 2 dolls fit my Planetdoll girls, Jeanette and Renee. The bottoms are too small, but are cool enough that I’ll be holding on to them to see if they fit any of my coming DollZone girls 🙂 Even the shoes may fit someone; they’re hard plastic, so not super epic, but they are cute plastic and are flats instead of heels.

Lori clothes fit the 16cm Doll Leaves tinies perfectly! ❤ I have had so much trouble finding clothes for them! I’m definately going back for the rest of the outfit packs :3

This was the 'Lace' outfit. I'm particularly fond of the jeggings; the fabric is really nice and wrinkles like real jeans!

This was the ‘Lace’ outfit. I’m particularly fond of the jeggings; the fabric is really nice and wrinkles like real jeans!

-Just a quick outfit I put together for Jeanette of items I’ve bought recently. The hat is from mc 2 Camryn, the dress is from a Barbie fashion pack (picked that up today), the shoes are from Juju’s Dolly Mall, and the tights/leggings were from a Kid Connection doll/fashion pack. I’m particularly fond of this dress; I wish I had one in my size!!

Jeanette OTR

Coming soon: reviews of the mc 2 dolls, some recently spun yarn, miniatures, more dolls shoes, more fish tank stuff (lots of news surrounding that!), and… umm… well, I know I have more stuff to write about scrawled in my notes somewhere. I guess I should go find my notebook 😉

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