Those in Glass Houses

The sorority is taking absolutely forever to come together. I have all the parts, I have all the desire– but I can’t seem to get the tank to actually go. together. rather than just sit there, quite unfinished and swamp-like. Like, even after changing out the water and filtering and filtering and water changing and filtering, I cannot get rid of that horrid fluorite dirt and I have no idea what to do next 😦

Other tanks… well…

1.) For the first time thus far, one of the Plakats managed to jump his barrier. I woke up a few days ago to Night Vision beating up poor Steve. I moved them back to separate cells and adjusted the plants and the plastic to making jumping more difficult…but first opportunity, Night Vision is getting his own pad.

2.) I love love love the clean, empty look of this tank right now, but I know I NEED to add plants lol. So I will be adding those very soon, for the health of the fish.


3.) Bought my first Veiltail. His name is Tristan. He’s moody -_-” and still in quarantine while I decide on the perfect tank for him.

4.) I won a tank!! It’s so purdy ❤ Still deciding which of my fish will live here.


5.) I won a Calico Oranda baby! It won’t be here for a few months, so I have time to figure out the living arrangements…

Eh. I think that’s it for now.


Catch ya on the flipside!



It’s been about a week since I wrote this and little has changed, except…

Steve jumped the barrier this week and tore Night Vision to ribbons 😦 Vis is alive, though he looks like absolute crap…Long story short, I’m moving Steve into that square tank I won tonight. Right now he’s in a quarantine enclosure.

Steve is in jail for aggravated assault :P

Steve is in jail for aggravated assault 😛

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