Empty Space

That doll display is soooo large… I have so much space! So I can, like, quadruple my doll collection… ha.

I’m trying to pick up one of each ‘human’ skin tone EAH/MH for comparisons/rebodying. I still have so many more I need to pick up ^.^” (Apple White, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty, Ashlyn Ella, Duchess Swan, Bunny Blanc, Justine Dance, Farrah Goodfairy, C. A. Cupid, Rosabella Beauty, Darling Charming, Ginger Breadhouse, Melody Piper, Courtly Jester, Mira Shards, Cleo, Nefera…I think that’s all of them I still need…), so the collection *will* grow (most will be used as donor bodies, methinks, but some may stick around). I’m going to have to build doll stands, though; I made the mistake of selling off my hoard of them when I thought I wouldn’t have any more room for more dolls… kinda had a feeling I’d regret it.

My most recent acquisitions? A Madeline Hatter and a Kitty Cheshire on Black Friday 🙂 I ordered a third doll, too, but she’s going to be a couple days later 😉 I seriously love how Amazon has them deliver their packages on Sundays… anyway…

Current shelf residents:

I love dressing them up :)

I love dressing them up 🙂

Ah, what else…

  • I think I finally decided on a proper rebody for my little Borg girl 🙂 She should do well on a Elle Eedee body
  • I plan on buying lotsss of Licca clothes; I think they look quite cute on these girls 🙂 Dracubecca and Ari are both wearing those Daiso Licca outfits.
  • I want to make lots of hats! No, but seriously, I need some more casual clothes for these 😉
  • Why did I choose the busiest shipping time of the year to buy my first Blythe? Seriously -_-”
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