Dragon Games Holly O’Hair

My preorder came today 🙂 I think this is my favorite EAH line; I love that all the dolls so far are wearing pants!! (Silly, I know, but I get sick of ballgowns, ya know?)

Anyway, this is Holly O’Hair.


I still need to order the other dolls in this line (I still need/want to pick up Darling, Raven, Apple, Mira, Deerla, and Poppy– who seems to be an exclusive, so it’ll take some hunting  to find her).


She’s attached in the standard way– those plastic tag/ties, elastic, and a few plastic cuffs. Two ties secured her head to the box, which is irritating but understandable (otherwise their heavy heads move around too much in shipping). She was extremely easy to get out compared to some of the other EAH dolls, though.


THEM BOOTS. Basically, the boots + the shiny purple capri pants are why I chose to buy Holly first (even though I already have a Holly!), rather than Raven or Darling. I would totally wear these in real life…


She’s out! She came with a stand, a plastic ring for a child to wear, a brush, and apparently the little picture of a dragon is her ‘journal’ for this line. It has very little in it compared to earlier ones, but any bit of story is a nice addition.


I really like her outfit! The purple leggings/capris have gold designwork, as does her fuschia top (a sleeveless tube top with a cape-thing attached to the bottom. Sounds weird but looks cool in practice). Along with the knee-high gold boots, she has gold-toned plastic gauntlet-things (asymmetrical– the one on her left arm is larger than the one on the right arm). The gauntlet/gloves are cool, but do slightly restrict her movement. Finally, she has a matching gold-toned crown piece and a ridiculously cool (but impractical) collar/necklace in gold/silver paint that is meant to look somewhat weathered. Oh, and a belt. Can’t forget the belt. No earrings (no holes for them, either), and her make-up is simple, as is her hair (simply tied back)– which makes sense, since the journal implied that Dragon Games is like basketball on the back of dragons (?).

I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to keep her, or just take her outfit for my original Holly, but once I sat them next to each other I found some differences:


She is a shade paler than my Holly/Poppy pair, and her face is less round/shapeless than the originals, and her nose has more definition… the only things that haven’t changed are her eye color, hair color, and hair length! So I will probably be keeping her in addition to the other two 🙂


So that’s it for now! If you have any questions about this edition of Holly or want her skintone compared to any of the other girls I have (original O’Hairs, Thronecoming Blondie, Playset Lizzie, Sugar Coated Maddie), feel free to ask 🙂

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