Not all that productive.

Getting quite impatient waiting for all my Cybergiving packages to arrive…I’m really not a patient person, and even less so when dealing with a season that really stomps on my nerves (really? 24/7 holiday music from the week before Thanksgiving all the way until Christmas? REALLY??!)

…so, with all that impatience… I may or may not have splurged a bit when I found some of the items on my various want lists on sale today at two local discount stores:

productive1Okay. Maybe more than a bit. I’ve been wanting to pick up some EG girls; as ugly as they are, they are one of only, like, two brands that have shoes that can fit EAH/MH. The prices I found them at today were lower than Amazon (Fluttershy was $12 instead of $19; Sunset Shimmer was $10 instead of $14; Rainbow Dash was $8 instead of $12; Twilight Sparkle was $12 instead of $14), and, honestly, that’s way cheaper than a Monster High fashion pack…especially since I can resell those ugly dolls -_-” I’m just not an MLP fan… As for Torelei, she’s just the budget (Freaky Field Trip) version with a vapid, expressionless face, but I like her hair well enough and she was only $6 (as opposed to $10-something). Finally, that Briar Beauty playset… *sigh*. I paid $30, which for me is a lot, especially considering the playset is too big for my set-up and will be stored most of the time. I like Briar, though, and this is my favorite version of her…and the set was about $10 cheaper than I’ve been seeing it online.

productive2My haul from the EG dolls. Amazingly enough, most of the clothes fit MH/EAH, if a little short. The shoes all fit really well, although some of the taller boots gape a little in the back (MH/EAH have thicker legs). I’m happy enough with the fit so as to want to pick up more of these ‘off-brand fashion packs’ in the future 😉

productive3Played around a little. I also picked up a Bratz fashion pack; I like the dress on Torelei, and the fluffy-edged ‘leather’ jacket looks ok over Briar’s dress (you can barely see it in the photo, but that’s what she’s wearing in the upper-right). I need to think of a better way to display all my dolls, though 😛 …especially since the Cybergiving packages have started trickling in.

Heartstruck Cupid was one such purchase. I found her photos soooo pretty ❤ Particularly her wings; if you can’t tell from my blog name, I’m a little obsessed with winged things.

Heartstruck Cupid

For some reason she reminds me of a pink Tinkerbell…

She’s a lot paler than I expected; for some reason I had it in my head that she was the same skintone as Cerise; I’m pretty sure she’s closer to Lizzie’s skintone, although I haven’t compared everyone yet. As lovely as she was in the box, she’s slightly disappointing in person. I was expecting her wings to attach like Rochelle or Dracubecca, but instead they are on a wobbly harness that needs rubber bands for support. Her arm bracelets, while pretty, constrict her elbow movement and are constantly shifting around, as does her flower belt thing (she can’t sit or attach to her stand properly while wearing it). Honestly I like her much more without all the plastic accouterments; the dress is reasonably simple, but pretty, and I really love the texture and color of her hair (I tied it up in a messy bun to keep it from tangling; it’s soft and floofy), as well as the soft look to her facepaint (the heart on her lipstick is a nice touch). I’ll have two more Cupids to compare her to soon– I bought the Thronecoming and Through the Woods versions (used) for their outfits/wings and possibly for rebodying, if I find a skin match…perhaps they have a more normal wings system (I was really hoping to be able to mix and match the wings between my dolls, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see).

Wydowna Spider (still giggling at her name 😉 ) also arrived early; I mostly bought her for all the fantastic clothes packaged in her box, although there is a small part of me that is considering keeping her.

wydownaConsidering she cost me less than an actual MH fashion pack and has wayyy more with her… yeah, I’m impressed 🙂 Particularly by the silver boots with red spider web spurs that actually spin…very cool. Wydowna herself is reasonably cool to look at, but I’d imagine she’d be frustrating for a child; her six arms are more restricted in movement than on simpler dolls, and they tend to get in each others way. Her face and hair is gorgeous, though!

I should have quite a few more packages arriving in the next three days, if I can just stay patient until then! For now, though, I have to go to work 😦 Catch y’all later!


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