And the projects pile up.

stack1What was once a trickle is now a stream as all my Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the past month-and-a-half’s international mail all pour in at once. This isn’t even all of it– I know for a fact I have at least seven more packages coming– but most of the ‘big ones’ have arrived, so I’ve been sitting here listening to Daft Punk radio and trying to get everything organized for the last couple of days.

They don't look like as much once unboxed, although my camera *did* delete some of my photos, so these don't quite show everything. And yes, I know, 'doll nudity'... but seriously. MH are about as far from anatomically correct as you can get...

They don’t look like as much once unboxed, although my camera *did* delete some of my photos, so these don’t quite show everything. And yes, I know, ‘doll nudity’… but seriously. MH are about as far from anatomically correct as you can get…

Amazingly enough, my legit Blythe (more on that in a moment) and my Basaak and the blank chips to paint arrived on the same day. That Blythe– well, she’s going to be a bigger project than I anticipated. The listing didn’t acknowledge many of her flaws, and I didn’t realize them until I already had her taken apart and couldn’t turn back and return her, so she’s mine now, I guess. Assorted Monster High and Ever After High clothes– I’m trying to track down every Robecca Steam or C. A. Cupid outfit; I love their respective styles 🙂 Also bought up a box of parts MH– more on them in a moment.

Back to the Blythes—

Lucinda is rather calm about all the face parts on her shelf...

Lucinda is rather calm about all the face parts on her shelf…

As soon as I got Basaak and Blythe in my hands, I took them apart. Basaak was easy; her skull and scalp fell off before I even got started, and there wasn’t any glue around her face. Despite my best efforts, though, I could not get her eye mech out– which isn’t a huge deal; I like her eye chips well enough. I’m going to spray-matte her face, do a simple face-up, and re-root her scalp with nicer hair. And rebody her. Can’t forget the rebody…

Real Blythe, though, was a mix of frustration and disappointment. As best I can tell, she was someone’s project gone awry. She has two beautiful pairs of custom chips, and she has– what is it called when two strings control the eyes? Sleep eyes?– so I’m pretty sure someone went in her head before…and then glued her up tight -_-” There were pry marks around the seams/her ears (I’m going to sand them down a bit), and while trying to get her open… I can only assume they used super glue or something… her plastic skull part and her scalp ripped all apart/shattered, leaving little glued in portions to her head that I’m still trying to remove. Bright side is once she was open, everything went easy– her eye mech came right out, the stupid eyelashes came right off, the ugly eyelid paint is already peeling off and I haven’t even sanded off– but I’m still going to have to buy her an entire replacement skull + scalp, so that’s super irritating, plus sand down all the pry marks around her head seams that I TOTALLY did not do (I didn’t use a screw driver to pry her head at all; I was just patient and carefully worked around with my hands…not that it mattered; her skull still broke -_-”)

After that I needed a mindless, simple project to keep me from going mad. Re-dressing my newest MH acquisitions seemed just the thing.

stack4I like Astranova, but the playset is just a space waster for me, so for the time being it’s shelved. I redressed her in Robecca’s dance class leotard and skirt and called it good. I like how her limbs have the look of a crystalline structure– it’s hard to explain and harder to photograph, but if you hold her in person, you can see the sort of rock faces (if you will) that her mold has. Very cool touch.

The Howleen is just the basic one, but I got her NIB on sale for $6 and I’m a sucker for pink hair, so why not? Her and Clawdeen are two of my favorites; I’m hoping to get Clawdia soon so I can have a proper Wolf girl sister trio. For now, I have Clawdeen in Through the Woods Cupid’s outfit, and Howleen in some of Wydowna’s clothes. While we’re on the subject of TtW Cupid– her skintone IS different than Heartstruck Cupid, but only in that it’s slightly more yellow in tone, while Heartstruck is slightly more pink. Thronecoming should come tomorrow and then I’ll properly compare the three for y’all.

Finally, Purrsephone. I’m a sucker for cheap MH lots, and she came in a lot with good parts that I need to complete the dolls from a *different* lot (that one will arrive soon). I don’t have the proper parts to complete her yet, but she looks ok with a Ghoulia arm as a replacement (like a cat with one boot/sock/mitten paw), and honestly their tails always just get in the way, anyways, so I’m not concerned. Maybe I’ll complete her properly eventually…and maybe not. She’s ok for now 🙂

I still have so much fun stuff coming, and I don’t dare talk about it until it arrives (on the off-chance something goes wrong D: )! Let me put it this way– in the near-ish future you will be seeing more Clawdeen, more Cupid, more Takara/Licca/Jenny, and more ‘parts’ MH– that is, dolls I bought in (basically) grab bags in the hope of Frankendolling some nice results.

That’s about it for now– catch y’all later!

Kya was rather curious about the camera today...

Kya was rather curious about the camera today…

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