I’ve been working crazy (for me) shifts at work lately. Besides working to list on eBay (both for my mother’s inventory and to sell off my ‘excess’ dolls– a lot of them I buy for the outfits and then sell off the nude dolls), I’ve also dabbled in babysitting, and have been working extra shifts at my ‘normal’ station, AND have been working extra days at the ‘mail orders’ station, AND have even been going off to that mail orders station after finishing my ten/eleven (depends on the day) shift at the store and working another hour or two extra. So… some extra money to take advantage of doll sales… but also very exhausted -_-”

More of my parts related to my last post arrived; I’ve been messing around with those the last week.

Thronecoming Cupid is gorgeous; she reminds me of Sword Art Online! I braided her mussy hair-- now I can admire her ear cuffs. Of my three Cupids, I think I'll keep her and use the other two for rebodying. Sadly, though, her wings are a harness -_-''

Thronecoming Cupid is gorgeous; she reminds me of SAO character! I braided her mussy hair– now I can admire her ear cuffs. Of my three Cupids, I think I’ll keep her and use the other two for rebodying. Sadly, though, her wings are a harness -_-”

  • picturedumpdecember1
  • My second ‘pieces’ lot came. The destroyed Jackson + the Jackson my mother found for me at a thrift shop= a rather cute ‘manster’ (apparently that’s what they are called. All I can think about when I read that word, though, is my first anime.) Anyways, I guess I’ll start adding the boy dolls to my collection now; they aren’t as creepy as I thought they’d be. I plan on tracking down Holt, Heath, and Dexter…Garret is already on the way.
  • Remember how I mentioned more Clawdeens were coming? One was supposed to be Freak du Chic Clawdeen (because she’s amazing! Clawdeen in general is my fave character, though…). She was a Target exclusive, so when Target got her back in stock, I ordered immediately. My Target box arrived and who was inside? TWYLA!! *screams of frustration* I mean, I had planned on adding Twyla-with-stilts to my collection eventually (which is why I kept her), but she’s easier to find/cheaper, while Clawdeen is not in stock near me and is $40 on eBay -_-” So I re-ordered Clawdeen again– and if she doesn’t come this time I’m pitching a fit outside Target’s (virtual) door.
  • Realized Moxie Girlz clothes look rather cute on EAH. Poppy is wearing a MG jacket over a Wydowna Spider dress.
  • The real reason for my parts lot purchases? So I could piece together my favorite Howleen (+her outfit, although I don’t have her wearing it). I just love the fluffy orange hair… Right now she’s wearing Octavia’s outfit, and despite being scandalously short (note to self– buy her some white tights), I’m kinda liking the jazz singer vibe.

picturedumpdecember2Couldn’t fit everything in one collage…

  • My used Licca/Jenny/Takara dolls from Japan finally arrived! I’m particularly fond of the pink girl, although I love blonde bob’s facial expression (she’s rooted a little thin, though). These will both be rebodied on EAH girls once I find a skintone match.
  • I have a list of three favorite Clawdeens that I’ve been trying to track down– Freak du Chic, Coffin Bean, and this lovely Little Red Riding Hood pun that is sooooooo much more satisfying than Cerise was! I love her long cape, I love the lacing on her dress, I love that the dress has a tulle underskirt, I love the red streaks in her hair… basically everything, really. Ideally I’d like to have a Coffin Bean Clawdeen to dress up in Cerise’s outfits (she does have fabulous clothes, despite her moon-shaped face and her totally-not-wolfy ears), and I want to do up FdC Clawdeen as a mock Cerise Wolf. So far so good.

So, yeah, other than being utterly exhausted, it’s been a reasonably good week. Tomorrow I head back to the mail orders station– my sixth work day in a row, although it should be a shortish one– and hopefully at night I’ll have the chance to finish up some eBay listings. As it is, I think tonight I’ll listen to some hard techno, re-organize/sort my dolls (I think I’ll only be able to keep about half of them on display ALL the time and then rotate the others), and try to get some sleep.

Catch y’all later!

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