The Missing.

My personal ‘Wanted’ list for dolls. Mostly posting this for my mother; she has this innate ability to stumble upon massive crazy deals without even meaning to! But…also because it’ll help me keep focused, having it all written out. I mostly want there outfits– a lot of them I don’t care about the doll much, other than a few for skintone samples.

Dolls I want: Which:
Ever After High:
Dexter Charming Any.
Darling Charming Dragon Games
Raven Queen Dragon Games, Way Too Wonderland
Duchess Swan Any.
Faybelle Thorn Any.
Melody Piper Any.
Rosabella Beauty Any.
Cedar Wood Any.
Apple White Thronecoming
Madeline Hatter Way Too Wonderland
Poppy O’Hair Through the Woods, Dragon Games
Kitty Cheshire Way Too Wonderland
Lizzie Hearts Way Too Wonderland, Tricastleon
Briar Beauty Way Too Wonderland
Ashlynn Ella Any.
Bunny Blanc Any.
Alistair Wonderland Any.
Cerise Hood Any but the ‘Signature’.
Farrah Goodfairy Any.
Justine Dancer Any.
Ginger Breadhouse Book Party.
Deerla Any.
Monster High:
Ghoulia Yelps Basic Travel, Mad Science Lab Partners
Nefera Any.
Elle Eedee Any.
Luna Mothews Any.
Clawdia Any.
Lagoona Blue Scarrier Reef
Torelei Scarrier Reef, Freak du Chic, Catastrophe,
Robecca Steam Gore-geous
Heath Burns Any.
Holt Hyde Any.
CAM packs Goo Girl/Ice Girl set, Bee pack, Harpy Pack, Siren Pack
Catty Noir Any.
Catrine DeMew Any.
Lorna McNessie Any.
Invisi Billy Any.
Frankie Stein Scary Tales/Scarily Ever After, Voltageous
Clawdeen Save Frankie, Sweet 1600, Coffin Bean
Novi Stars:
Doe A Deer
Nita Lite
Mallie Tasker
Tula Toned
Anne Arctic
Ina Ferna
Alie Lectric
Other Dolls:
Licca Hello Kitty (Yukata), Violin Girl, New Semester
Midnight Magic Night to Day Any of the ones with translucent glittery skin.
Disney Descendants Any of the girls.
Barbie Fashion Fairytales Flairies Any.
Tokyo Mew Mew Ichigo, Mint

Wow. Ok. Wayyyy longer than I expected -_-” Oh well.


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