This time of year, she is the only one I trust on Maine roads :P

This time of year, she is the only one I trust on Maine roads πŸ˜›

WtW Lizzie and KittyIt’s been a little bit of a rough week with dolls. My Amazon order arrived– WtW Lizzie and Kitty + an outfit pack. Kitty is cute and only the tiniest bit wonky; her outfit looks cute on Amanita, and she herself looks good in that outfit pack I bought. Lizzie, though, had an issue I’ve never seen before– her right foot was mis-formed; she’s missing her toes and the arch itself isn’t quite right 😦 I only realized this as I was undressing her and her shoe kept falling off. I used her body for a Licca anyways– as long as she’s wearing shoes up to her knees, the support is there– but I thought I should bring this flaw out, as it’s one I’ve never seen before.

unicornI also did a tiny bit of work on Na’Rae, although not really by choice. I messed up her lips trying to remove her fangs so I had to totally repaint her lips. I also took the time to add some gloss to her eyes (shiny…)

size difference

I went with a darker, more blue tone for the lips with a healthy helping of gloss. Side notes– Look how much bigger she is than Kara! And her clothes– the ‘shirt’ is a regular Draculaura nightie but is the exact right length to be a shirt on this Collectors-size body. The pants are from Hunter Huntsman and are pretty much the perfect length, just a little loose in the legs (waist is perfect). Sweatshirt is from a Jekyll Jackson– note the sleeve length (almost perfect– tiny bit short). Long story short, I’m getting a better sense for what does/doesn’t fit her now πŸ˜€ Basically the MH Boys tops (or short dresses) for shirts, and EAH Boys for bottoms (or Barbie leggings). Still working on the shoes– I’m assuming the Big Sister-size will fit, but I haven’t seen any I like enough to buy for her yet. I would prefer either sneaker-looking ones or black boots… mehhhhhhh…. maybe Bloodgood’s boots? I still need to re-do her hair a bit and find the perfect outfit.

Her bext friend, Chii’Rae, needs tons more work, though -_-” No pictures of her right now because she looks awful.

More later this week! πŸ™‚

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