Sixty cups of coffee later.

I’ve been trying to put together this post in my mind for the last week; I have all these thoughts that I want to type out, but I’m really struggling to place them in order, so please bare with me… this may get a little rant-y.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks cleaning up/clearing out; it’s the time of year when I trash all my torn-up clothes and books I’m sick of reading and sell the games I’m done playing.. .which sounds far more metaphorical than it truly is; I’m being literal, I swear. Anyways, I also took the time to evaluate– again– my doll collection. It’s a hobby I jumped into so fast, mainly out of frustration at being unable to spin (and only barely able to crochet– it’s slow going and I can’t push it very far), and it so quickly balloons out of proportion when I’m not in total control. Anyways, the goal was to limit my collecting only to dolls that actually bring me ‘joy’– a phrase I loosely interpret as ‘this doll makes me smile’. Secondary criteria is that they inspire me to do something creative, but I don’t expect that out of every single doll.

I tend to be one of those people who ‘has to catch them all’, so the collection had a lot of pieces that really just took up space rather than bringing anything interesting to the table. Ever After High, especially, tend to just take up space; I’m keeping a handful of them but the rest will be sold off. My Monster High collection has been cut down to the best of the best, too– with a very large lean towards animal people, mainly because they are just so anime. Clawdeen, Howleen, Torelei… Love them. So much. I want to add a Clawdia and the cat girls I’m still missing, plus a couple intriguing girls that I want to repaint, but other than that I’m trying to back away from MH… I could fill my room with them so fast, and not even care about any of them.

So the real question…which dolls bring me the most joy? Not Takaras– my Liccas are in the sell pile; they do nothing for me (except for Miku). Jennys are nice, but, again, I really don’t want ones other than the few I have. No, the dolls I most like– the ones that inspire me the most– are Na’Rae (my repainted Collector’s Edition Draculaura), Jeanette, and Renee. I don’t see MH making a bunch more Collectors dolls any time soon (though I would seriously love that), and as much as I love Jeanette/Renee… I can’t focus my collection on resin. For starters I can’t really display them (darn you, yellowing!), and second, I don’t like all of them this way. I’m seriously considering selling off the other BJDs I have thus far, and I’m really hoping I like the preorders from MoC when they (eventually) arrive. No. No, I can’t focus in on those.

Obviously I have other dolls in my collection, though. I love my Disney Store dolls– particularly Anna’s quirky smile and Jasmine’s easy style (seriously, she looks good in everything). And I’m realizing size isn’t as big a constraint I thought it was; the Moxie Teenz I have are lovely, and not ‘too big’ like I thought they’d be.

Which brings me to my point– I want to focus in and buy some of the Limited Edition Disney dolls, the 17” ones with the gorgeously detailed outfits and the expressive faces. I’ve already ordered March Anna and Elsa, and plan to buy March Kristoff soon to have the full trio…but I plan on leaving them in the boxes…so lovely ❤ The others I buy, though, I will likely unbox and photograph like I do Na’Rae and the Illumines; my grails are Coronation Elsa and Wedding Rapunzel, but I can see myself bringing home Calhoun or any Jasmine or one of the smaller Fawn or Zarina dolls…and I’m sure there are others. Probably many others.

They are soooo much more expensive than my normal fare, but that’s half the interest for me– I’ll have to save up, and stalk, and hunt and maybe even wake up at 2 am just to try and snag a doll as it releases on the site ‘cus the new ones sell out in minutes. And I like that it’ll slow down my accumulation a hair, too.

This isn’t all I’m looking into, though. If that size range is ‘acceptable’ now, then I want to take home a larger fashion doll. I’ve narrowed it down to either a Tonner (leaning towards Bianca Lapin, a Party Lace Cami, a Platinum Cami, one of the alien ones, a Quorra, or a Gem), or a doll from Integrity Toys (Tulabelle or a large-scale Poppy Parker). A long list, I know… I really only know what range I’m looking for in terms of features (I want a pale villainess for photo stories). There are a few really nice ones on the Tonner website right now, too, that I didn’t include in this list because they didn’t match that criteria…but I still would love to maybe own them. Especially ‘Made in the Shade’ from the Rockabilly line, or the ‘A Touch of Anime’ girl, or the ‘Stacked Deck’ set (I love all three of those ❤ although I think I would swap their outfits a little; I would prefer Hearts and Spades reversed). Basically I can see this getting very expensive (to put it in perspective, most MH dolls are around $20. The cheapest Cami I saw on eBay was around $70 for a nude doll, and the Stacked Deck girls are around $200 apiece, much like my BJDs are. So, yeah, slower accumulation…higher rate of frustration…much more intriguing reward, though).

None of this means I won’t pick up cheaper fashion dolls occasionally– especially Disney Store ones; I still want all the Mini Animators dolls, and a few princes/princesses (particularly Mulan and Shang), and I want to make a custom Kidagakash that isn’t ugly and cross-eyed like the legit doll (-_-”), and of course I’ll need a Milo to go with her… But picking up dolls of characters I actually like is very different from mindlessly buying every EAH doll so I could build a skintone map or trying to buy every single version of Clawdeen so I could have all her outfits or something.

So I guess that’s it. I should have another blog post soon about recent finds/what my collection currently looks like… plus Brunette Rapunzel. Very important 😉


Catch y’all later!

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