Recent developments:


-I was given this blue dress for Jeanette a while ago and I finally found out where it cam from– the 2007 New Years Barbie by Robert Best. It looks like crap on Jeanette, but soooo pretty on Cinderella.

-Na’Rae looks really weird next to Jeanette 0_0” Definitely not trying to use them in the same photo shoot again… I guess the more child-like features of Jeanette aren’t suitable for use next to the more cartoon-like features of MH, EAH, or Disney dolls.

-See that red/black dress? That’s the Paso Doble Barbie dress. I found that (plus the thoroughly unimpressive Barbie it goes to) at a thrift store this week; it’s really well-made! The stitching on the bodice accurately wears like a corset, and the fabrics are super nice.

-The cloak is apparently from a Merida doll; it was in a lot of Barbie clothes I bought. It’s tight in the hood on Second Jasmine, but I like it with that dress.

-Finally found an affordable brunette Wedding Rapunzel! Seriously… she’s rather hard to find for fair prices 😦 She still wasn’t cheap… nor was she perfect (I had to wash and re-style her hair, she was missing her shoes and veil, and she has a smudge on her arm). She’s not the fancy LE Wedding Rapunzel that I want so much…but she’s an ok stand-in for now, and she wears the fancier gowns nicely.

-That black/silver dress was in the same lot as the cloak; it has some damage to the mesh parts, but I think I can fix it. I think it’s the 1998 Happy Holiday Barbie dress, but…no sleeves? Possibly edited by previous owner, although I didn’t see any fray marks or anything…

new acquisitions

Some more new acquisitions– I found a second brunette Rapunzel (prettier hair this time…and cheaper lol). And I finally have a Mulan and a Pocahontas. Oh, and my MH wishlist just went down by three– original Torelei, Bee Girl, and Catrine.


Still building this little Disney section of my room…

singing elsa

My giant Singing Elsa! Her face sculpt is so pretty… and she towers over the Classic… She’s roughly the same size as the Limited Editions, but is not jointed at the wrists or ankles (she does, however, have functional knee joints 🙂 )

limited edition frozen

My first two LEs arrived! I think I’ll buy a second pair of these to unbox/play with; that’ll make it easier for me to keep collecting them without opening all the boxes… I hope to eventually buy Kristoff, FF Anna/Elsa, Coronation Elsa, and Snow Gear Anna. I also want Designer Anna/Kristoff/Elsa/Hans, although they are *definitely* getting unboxed… Other than that, I want Wedding Rapunzel, Designer Mulan/Shang, Live Action Cinderella, and Teal Jasmine. That’s all for ones that have already been released; I’ll keep an eye on the ones coming.


My first Tonner-made doll 🙂 She’s a Glinda. I bought her nude; she desperately needs clothing (although I haven’t found the right outfit for her yet). I just love her eyes ❤


Well, that’s it for this week, I think.

Catch y’all later!

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