Bending Time & Space.

Funny thing about focusing my collection on Disney– I end up with a lot of versions of the same character 😛 To quote a comic-loving friend, “when in doubt, multiverse!”

…eh…probably makes more sense if you read comics…

Anyways, it’s been a busy couple of weeks thus far.

february haul 1

I set out to bring home some props– technically succeeded in that regard– but also dragged home a few more fun girls 🙂 Hasbro Elsa, a Lalaloopsy Girl, and Scarlet of the Star Darlings…


Let’s start with the Star Darling— COME ON. I had such high hopes for these 😦 Their outfits are fab, and the fabrics feel thick and high-quality… but A.) their knees barely bend/they sit worse than Disney Store dolls and B.) Scarlet’s art clearly shows cute, short hair and a rebellious smirk…while this doll has long, thick, full-length princess hair and a very boring expression. DUDE GET IT RIGHT. At least she had a hoodie…that can’t fit over her massive hair -_-” She can technically fit into Hasbro Elsa’s clothes, but they are very ill-fitting/too large.

Lalaloopsy Girl was better than I expected. Sure, she’s shapeless with minimal posing…but her clothes fit the Star Darling, and she’s surprisingly well-balanced/she can stand completely unassisted. Interesting.

Hasbro Elsa is a mixed bag. I love that she came with both outfits, and that she’s not as crazy-busty as the Mattel ones were, and that–as a deluxe version– she’s jointed at the elbows, wrists, and knees (she sits wonderfully!). I love that she can wear Star Darling outfits (I want to buy Vega now, just so Elsa can steal her clothes!). I love those beautifully detailed shoes, and I love that her feet fit perfectly into MH/EAH shoes. But her face… the sculpt is so odd…and while I think I could repaint her into a killer manga girl… I don’t know. She’s rather odd.

Queen Kendra

Queen Kendra’s outfit arrived ❤ Love her glitter-covered shoes…

Anna First Edition VS Current

Yet another Anna– first edition this time!! Note the clasp on her cloak, and her mittens, and the added detailing at the top of the cloak, and the longer skirt… She also has proper jointed knees 🙂 Quite pleased! Also no glitter on the bodice, which is a nice plus.

rapunzel version1--copy1

In my attempts to find more Brunette Rapunzels for my army, I found a First Edition Rapunzel. Her hair has been cut and re-styled, but the tinsel + the gown are unmistakable. Not sure what I’ll do with her, though–

Rapunzel corset

Maybe use her as a dress model for the more bizarre 1/6 clothes I keep taking home? The corset is kinda cool, though…

Meanwhile, my army grows.

Rapunzel Army


future victim

This one is another 16” …thankfully her voice box is broken. The fact that she had her full outfit still was irresistible, even though her movie was terrible. I plan on using her for a custom later. Gotta love that hair 🙂

It’s that time of year when I suddenly have a lump sum of cash to blow on whatever my current favorite hobby is, so obviously this year… 🙂 I have a ton of stuff still coming (it’ll probably all arrive Tuesday/Wednesday :P), but here’s some of what’s been happening so far:


I wasn’t originally planning on getting her (despite my intense love for tokidoki), but my grandmother (who may or may not be obsessed with pink hair) convinced me to bring her home 🙂 By far the best decision I made this month; I got her at a great price, her hair is the softest doll hair EVARR, and she has a geisha on her back 0_0 Plus cactus dog-thing is adorable, so…

Lady Beryl

Disney Store Lady Tremaine…bought just for her incredibly outfit. Sure, it stained the original doll to oblivion… but Lady Beryl (a Cerise Hood head on a Disney Store Evil Queen body) won’t mind…she’ll be in this dress forever, anyways. Also these are my favorite Disney Store shoes 🙂

Frozen Army

It’s been incredibly cold out, so I rounded up my whole Frozen Army for a photo shoot. Guess who’s out of the box now?

March Elsa

She was just too pretty to keep in prison 😦 I’ll keep her and her box nice, just in case, but I can’t see selling her, anyways…

March Anna

….nor her sister, either.


…hmmm…note to self: buy more doll stands…


Catch y’all later!

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