beauty school drop-out.

Packages are trickling in 🙂

assorted february

-Hasbro Anna– pretty much the same as Hasbro Elsa 🙂 Mostly bought her for her wardrobe.

-Giant Singing Rapunzel– ‘nuf said lol. She arrived with her hair washed and brushed out by her seller, soft and lovely; I did a quick braid to keep it nice, but she still smells like fruity shampoo lol

-Not an order– Popped in Hobby Lobby during an impromptu Vermont trip. These props will probably figure highly in future photo shoots.

wardrobe building 2

Wardrobe building! I love buying vintage knit Barbie clothes– very fun to use. The dress is the Pullip Sabrina dress; haven’t found anyone to wear it yet, but it’s soooo lovely ❤

wardrobe building

More wardrobe building– I want to increase my 1/8 scale wardrobe (Licca, Daiso Elly, etc), so picked those up… plus some Barbie-scale kimonos ❤ I love this seller on eBay; they do great work! I think I’ve bought from them on eight separate occasions now… soon to be nine.

handle with care

My first MoC Layaway package arrived!! DollZone seriously surpassed my expectations; the BJDs are well-strung, pose nicely, and have wonderfully expressive faces; I look forward to painting these when it gets warmer out. Also the wigs are quite silky 🙂

….the next girl was not my finest moment…

not my finest moment

I wanted to buy my first Pullip, which was fine, and PullipStyle  was great; I bought Pullip Saras during a sale, and she was affordable and arrived super-fast. Her outfit, though weird, fits/looks great on Na’Rae. This girl I’ve named Oren, and I want to make her a cyberpunk custom…hence my mistakes. Turns out braiding wire into a static-y, not-so-great-anyways wig was a really bad and entirely not reversible idea. I scrapped Oren’s wig, and she’s now sitting nude and bald on my desk, waiting for her new Obitsu body (less delicate) and a wig I ordered from MoC.

Live and learn, right? 😉

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