Ink-Stained Hands

A couple of weeks ago I got a pin message on Pinterest from a close friend– my first introduction to Sketch Box. Intrigued, I decided to fully research this whole ‘surprise art supplies’ idea. I’ve done subscription boxes in the past, but never for anything like this.

Me being me, I wasn’t ready to commit to spending that much each month until I did more research, which only brought me to more options– Art Snacks, Maker Monthly, Cloth and Paper, iPen, Ink Drop (I technically did Ink Drop in the past, but stopped right before I moved). I’m a very indecisive person; I love the idea of letting in random discoveries and adding new techniques to my Page a Day challenge… but I’m also very picky, and I wasn’t sure if this would work *for me*.

I decided to test this all out in my own way before tying myself down to subscriptions…which meant ransacking my JetPens wishlist and buying new merch I’d never tried before (I’m calling it my ‘JetBox’…I may do this occasionally)

This was the first one:

test one

…which led to these experiments:

7 march7

(yes I know I already posted those)

Soon after that I ordered my second JetBox:


…which brought forth these:

so much jet

Still did some other ‘page a day’s too, of course:

page a day

Anyway, long story short, I LOVE this type of experimentation. While I might not adore every single item I’ve tried, I like enough of them to go in for some boxes. For the time being I’ve signed up for Art Snacks, Makers Monthly, and iPen. In the future I plan on trying gift subscriptions for Sketch Box and Cloth and Paper, and I might sign back up for Ink Drop (maybe). I must try them all 😉


Catch y’all later!

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3 Responses to Ink-Stained Hands

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  2. what brand or kind is the waterbrush in your second jetpens box? I order from jetpens too and just signed up with ipens…just for a month to see. But I may do what you are doing. Order from a retailer I know and love to try new things out.
    Thank you for your help.

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