Cloth & Paper Co. Surprise Pen Box

Cloth & Paper Co Test 1

So fancy ❤ I ordered two surprise pen packages from the Cloth & Paper Co. so as to test out a randomized assortment of the kind of merchandise the include in their Penspiration subscription box. These pens came in little black velvet bags, wrapped in black-and-gold paper, and everything– everything— even the paper the invoice was printed on– feels like thick, high-quality paper.

Here’s the first round of pen tests:

Cloth & Paper Co Test 2

Not a huge amount of info from that, so I used the pens to fill in some portions on an abstract:

Cloth & Paper Co Test 3

Four of the pens (Zebra Z1, Baoke B29, Bic Accountant Fine Point, and Baoke Clean Lily) are ballpoints, so I’ve set them aside for now. The other six went to the next round of tests:

Cloth & Paper Co Test 4

The pens are in the order of the numbers listed on the tests, of course. The pens seem to veer towards very fine– not good for abstracts, but perhaps for basic comics/cross hatching. Pens 1, 2, and 4 have been slated for that purpose. Pens 3 and 6 are brands I’ve used before, and they work nicely for abstracts-on-colors. Pen 5– the Marvy Uchida ‘For Drawing’ Brush Pen– is very interesting for me; I’ll be running that one through more tests 🙂


As for testing out the merchandise and deciding whether or not to subscribe… I don’t think I’ll be subscribing. I love their packaging, though, and the fancy look of a few specific pens in their shop, so I *will* be ordering again, methinks. And it was definitely a fun package for me 🙂


Catch y’all later!

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