May Flowers– iPen Box + SUPER BOX!!!

Hey guys! I know this post is super late; I originally held off because I won THE SUPER BOX!!! and wanted that in the same post, and then life happened, and I sat down today and realized I never had gotten around to finishing my draft, so… yeah.

May’s box was themed around flowers 🙂


Can I just say how impressed I am with the inclusion of a Lamy Safari in a subscription box?! I’ve been wanting to try one for a while, but held off because some reviews claimed the grip section was uncomfortable and that they wrote dry; I don’t know if it’s my individual pen or not, but it’s a smooth, wet writer 🙂 Also I have small hands, so apparently the grip was made for me– it’s quite comfortable.

Literally everything in this box was in my wishlist. EVERYTHING. So pleased 🙂

In the same email that proclaimed the arrival of the iPen box was the announcement that I had won the most recent ‘super box’– basically one post is randomly drawn each month to receive a free box of extra supplies and such 😀

super box 1super box 2

My box included six ink samples (none of which I had previously tried), a miquelrois pen pouch (which I’ve been using obsessively), a Prismacolor ‘Manga Drawing Set’ (nice pencils + eraser, but the markers aren’t great for inking– too bold), a Sheaffer ‘Deluxe Calligraphy’ set (love this thing! The nibs are so much smoother than my old No Nonsense ones!), a mechanical pencil + mechanical eraser, and a Red Maple Field Notes (takes fountain pens better than what I’d heard; a more dry FP should be fine). So psyched to continue experimenting with all this stuff!! 🙂

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