Making Sense of May

It was a complicated month. Let’s see…

In order:

  • New goldfish order one– Vega the Ranchu and Astra the Oranda.
  • Sister One brought down a new little Ranchu for me in trade for Jennie the Oranda; new guy is Polaris.
  • Second Coast Gem order– a large Calico Ranchu (Nanette), a Calico Telescope (Oscar), a small Calico Lionhead (Tanya), a small orange/red Ranchu (Sasha), and a huge orange Oranda that I named Richtor. He arrived seriously pineconed; I was refunded for him, and I attempted to treat him, but unfortunately he only made it…maybe twelve days? It was really upsetting; he was so cute 😦
  • Found a cute little lemonhead Oranda at a local shop; I named her Lace πŸ™‚
  • Azumanishiki X Broadtail Moor foursome arrived. Breeding pair + two offspring. I’ve named the pair Ahasuerus and Hadassah, and the young are Persia and Medea
  • Kya had her surgery on the 25th. We took the e-collar off her the Sunday after and ended her pain meds; she took some time getting used to having no teeths. Basically she was very….anxious-nervous-aggressive.
  • Picked up my spinning again! I need to be ready for Tour de Fleece!!
  • Lost a couple bettas– Rhodium went to a new home, and Orchid and Cloud passed away. I’m down to three now (Wilhelm, Steve, and Yondu).
  • Picked up two cute goldfish at Petco– a black speckled (calico?) Oranda and a Calico Short-Tailed…Ryukin? Not 100% sure what he is, but he’s cute. They’re for Sister One πŸ˜‰ She’s had a few losses recently, unfortunately.

I’m sure more happened but I can’t remember anything else right now -_-”

Hobby-related goals for this year:
-add aquaponics set-ups to each of my goldfish tanks
-fully prepare to begin the Calico Shukin breeding agenda (I need to be ready for this spring, ideally)
-actually put my comic ideas into drawing– I know I have the necessary skills at this point; I’m struggling to put them together.
-complete the faces on my resin BJDs.

As many pictures as needed lol:

fish fish023

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