Tour de Fleece 2016– Week One

This year I’ve chosen not to spin with a team, but to spin solo and with my own rules. If you’d like to know more ‘official’ information about the Tour, there’s some here.



Technically not a TdF day, but I was so excited I started early!

My goal for week one was to start & finish the 1oz sample of yak I’ve had sitting on my desk taunting me for the last year. It’s a short fiber, and slippery, and likes to pull apart, so I assumed it would take me a couple of days.

tdf day 0 prespin yak

I assumed wrong.

Once I fell into a rhythm, yak wasn’t too bad. It requires a lot of concentration for me, but using my lightest spindle helped a lot, as did complete focus on smooth drafting. I like my n-plied end result 🙂


First official day of the Tour! Since I finished yak yesterday, I started my braid today 🙂

tdf day 1

I’m realizing that the reason I got bored/tired of spinning in the first place is because I was so tied to finishing my list of breeds. Color and texture and fun– I need that; I can’t keep going with the clinical observations for very long ^.^” This is fun, though.


tdf day 2

My camera has crapped out, so we’ll have to deal with phone pics for right now. More spinning of the braid.

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