Tour de Fleece 2016– Week Two

This year I’ve chosen not to spin with a team, but to spin solo and with my own rules. If you’d like to know more ‘official’ information about the Tour, there’s some here.


tdfw2 monday

More than halfway through my one-and-only braid now 😀


tdfw2 tuesday

Merino goes very slowly. Bright side– these are the thinnest + most even singles I’ve ever done 😀


tdfw2 wednesday

Annnnd the spinning ADHD begins. Started a Seacell study because the merino braid is boring me.


Jeanette Illumine  July 2016

Went on a mini vacation, so the next four days of spinning were done away from home. Jeanette came, too, lol.

tdfw2 thursday

Finished and n-plied three ounces of the merino braid, and decided to combine the remaining ounce with my Seacell to create an art yarn. I’ve made the decision to let me ‘studies’ be more freeform (so boring otherwise!), hence the ‘combining fibers’ thing. Also started another study– suri alpaca in the raw (carded but raw -_-”) from a local farm 🙂


tdfw2 friday

Spinning ADHD at full force now. Worked on the Suri and the Seacell/Merino, and started mohair lock singles for an art yarn.


tdfw2 saturday

Finished Suri singles and started n-plying. Continued mohair singles.


tdfw2 sunday

Not photographed, but I finished plying the Suri and the skein is hanging up to dry. I’ll have to wash it a second time, though… very dirty -_-

Mohair singles done. Also a picture of that first Merino skein now that it’s dry– it’s not as even as I thought, but it’s crazy-soft ❤


I met my goal of spinning every day for this week, so after the Tour is over I can buy myself a prize– a new spindle 😀

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