Tour de Fleece 2016– Week Three

This year I’ve chosen not to spin with a team, but to spin solo and with my own rules. If you’d like to know more ‘official’ information about the Tour, there’s some here.


tdfw3 1

Finished plying the mohair art yarn (crazy mohair singles + two plies of commercially spun lace-weight mohair boucle).


tdfw3 2

Spun and plied a sample of Chiengora– Samoyed, to be precise. It was mostly undercoat, although there were some guard hairs. It’s very much like angora!

Tried to spin my sample of wolf, too, but it’s far too short-stapled for me. I’ll have to blend it with something.


tdfw3 3a

Started a project of yarn for a bag– rough-and-tumble yarn, to be precise. It’s a thin ply of an alpaca/wool blend plied with thick, crazy-spun seconds from Stonington’s fleece– very pokey, them seconds. It reminds me a lot of Icelandic, with Tog and Thel. It should be a strong bag. I have enough for one more skein (and plenty of extra of the colored wool).

tdfw3 3b

Also finished that Seacell/Merino project 🙂 Messy four-ply.


(forgot to take a picture)

Continued working on those colorful singles (alpaca/wool). They really aren’t soft, but they are strong and have a pretty look to them.


tdfw3 4a

Art yarn day! Started with my Cashgora sample– a horrid sample, full of seconds and nepps and such. I plied the craziness with some of that purple stuff for strength.

tdfw3 4b

Next I sampled Debouillet. Look at that glorious floofiness! I am just so in love with this yarn ❤

tdfw3 4c

Next I tried something new, adding mohair locks sporadically into the singles from an alpaca/camel/llama batt, and then plying with more of the same batt (but without the mohair). So amusingly lumpy… and the mohair reminds me of jewels…


tdfw3 5

More artsy stuff. Finished the second mohair yarn.


tdfw3 6

So much squidge 🙂 I finished off the week with no open projects (and plied up almost all of my leftover singles from various projects), so for the final week I’m free to spin up some of the fun fiber I found hiding in my stash 🙂

Finished the bag yarn project, spun up the leftover purple into squidge, and plied leftover debouillet singles with leftover batt singles from the batt I used with the red mohair.

Since I met my goal of spinning every day for this week, I will reward myself with a prize after the Tour– a pound of fun fiber 🙂

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