Declaration of Intent and a Laying Out of Rules

(Original Post here— has been edited slightly.)

I’m a self-taught artist and crafter from Maine, and I’m constantly working on one experiment or another. While I do draw and write and paint and such, right now I’m completely and totally absorbed in the fiber arts. I dye some, I crochet a lot… and I love to spin. At the moment my tools include ten top-whorl drop spindles and a single pair of hand cards; I’m hoping to increase my tool chest before the end of this year (and to have a working wheel by the end of 2014!)

I am constantly pushing myself to try new things, new fibers, new techniques…and I am starting this blog to chronicle my successes (as well as my inevitable failures) in my attempts to further my ‘fiber horizons’…which, I’m sure, makes me sound like some sort of self-absorbed hipster crafter or something….Eh. But the way I see it, every fiber, every fleece, has a perfect purpose. Every breed, every individual sheep’s fleece, has a use, and my goal is to know them, to learn, to better understand the craft, as well as the nature of the fibers themselves 😉

I’m working through two challenges, and I’m hoping that outlining my personal rules and posting about them along the way will keep me focused and motivated– I have the habit of becoming horribly bored extremely quickly; these projects, by nature, shouldn’t be boring, but here we go–


Intent: To spin through the entire ‘fleecydex’– that is, “The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook”, by Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius.


  1.  I must spin at least 90% of the fibers listed within the book (some may be impossible to source…this is inevitable). If I absolutely cannot find a necessary fiber for the Fleecydex, I can substitute in a fiber from Absolute Challenge List instead.
  2.  While I don’t have to spin them in order, it is preferred..I probably will not find them in order -_-”
  3.  I must spin at least one ounce of each fiber for it to count.
  4. While following the rules of PGSTA, I must also follow the ‘laws’ of my attempt to destash. To be able to buy fiber, I must first use three times that amount of my stash (so to buy an ounce, I must first spin or crochet 3 ounces…) I must continue to follow this rule until my stash is at 25% of its’ current level, at which point it will change to ‘use an ounce, buy an ounce’, thus keeping my stash stable.

Here is my Fleecydex; it’s mostly the different breeds in that book, but I’m adding a couple sections to the non-sheep section that relate to my second project:

Project Two:  K9-6

Intent: To experiment with spinning six separate canine species or breeds. These will fit within the realm of PGSTA, but have separate rules, namely:

  1.  Three of the subjects must be wild species, while three must be dog breeds.
  2. I must spin at least one ounce of each fiber. They must be spun in such a way so that all six yarns can be used in the same project.
  3. The fibers must be acquired in a raw state and hand-processed. They must also be acquired *legally* (lol).

So those are my rules and goals– let’s hope I don’t utterly crash and burn 😉


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