Otherdex: Fibers That Don’t Fit

I was going to call this the ‘plantydex’, but they aren’t all plant fibers, so….

  1. Cotton (Top)
  2. Organic Cotton (Colored)
  3. Soy Silk
  4. Corn Silk/Igneo
  5. ‘Wood Pulp’ (Tencel, Lyocell, etc) Finished Spinning 11/4/14
  6. Pineapple/Fique
  7. Ramie
  8. Kenaf
  9. Flax (Both methods of retting)
  10. Hemp
  11. Bamboo
  12. Seacell
  13. Agave/Sisal
  14. Banana Silk
  15. Kapok/Java Cotton
  16. Milk Fiber
  17. Milkweed
  18. Chitin
  19. Rose
  20. Steel

2 Responses to Otherdex: Fibers That Don’t Fit

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