Making Sense of May

It was a complicated month. Let’s see…

In order:

  • New goldfish order one– Vega the Ranchu and Astra the Oranda.
  • Sister One brought down a new little Ranchu for me in trade for Jennie the Oranda; new guy is Polaris.
  • Second Coast Gem order– a large Calico Ranchu (Nanette), a Calico Telescope (Oscar), a small Calico Lionhead (Tanya), a small orange/red Ranchu (Sasha), and a huge orange Oranda that I named Richtor. He arrived seriously pineconed; I was refunded for him, and I attempted to treat him, but unfortunately he only made it…maybe twelve days? It was really upsetting; he was so cute 😦
  • Found a cute little lemonhead Oranda at a local shop; I named her Lace 🙂
  • Azumanishiki X Broadtail Moor foursome arrived. Breeding pair + two offspring. I’ve named the pair Ahasuerus and Hadassah, and the young are Persia and Medea
  • Kya had her surgery on the 25th. We took the e-collar off her the Sunday after and ended her pain meds; she took some time getting used to having no teeths. Basically she was very….anxious-nervous-aggressive.
  • Picked up my spinning again! I need to be ready for Tour de Fleece!!
  • Lost a couple bettas– Rhodium went to a new home, and Orchid and Cloud passed away. I’m down to three now (Wilhelm, Steve, and Yondu).
  • Picked up two cute goldfish at Petco– a black speckled (calico?) Oranda and a Calico Short-Tailed…Ryukin? Not 100% sure what he is, but he’s cute. They’re for Sister One 😉 She’s had a few losses recently, unfortunately.

I’m sure more happened but I can’t remember anything else right now -_-”

Hobby-related goals for this year:
-add aquaponics set-ups to each of my goldfish tanks
-fully prepare to begin the Calico Shukin breeding agenda (I need to be ready for this spring, ideally)
-actually put my comic ideas into drawing– I know I have the necessary skills at this point; I’m struggling to put them together.
-complete the faces on my resin BJDs.

As many pictures as needed lol:

fish fish023

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Maker Monthly April Box

This will likely be my last Maker Monthly box– I ended my subscription due to lack of communication from the company (Sketch Boxes will start arriving next month instead). Anyways…

April Maker Monthly

This month– I mean last month’s– box included two notebooks from Scout Books (I’ve been meaning to try them…), two Prismacolor colored pencils, and a Copic marker (mine is ‘Amethyst’). The smaller Scout Book is slightly smaller than a Field Notes, and I think it took the fountain pens slightly better. It also didn’t feather when I used my Copic, although it DID bleed through 100% lol. Every paper so far does… Also the Prismacolors worked nicely on this paper.


I really did like this box; if they ever get themselves together a bit more, I can see myself re-joining.

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May Flowers– iPen Box + SUPER BOX!!!

Hey guys! I know this post is super late; I originally held off because I won THE SUPER BOX!!! and wanted that in the same post, and then life happened, and I sat down today and realized I never had gotten around to finishing my draft, so… yeah.

May’s box was themed around flowers 🙂


Can I just say how impressed I am with the inclusion of a Lamy Safari in a subscription box?! I’ve been wanting to try one for a while, but held off because some reviews claimed the grip section was uncomfortable and that they wrote dry; I don’t know if it’s my individual pen or not, but it’s a smooth, wet writer 🙂 Also I have small hands, so apparently the grip was made for me– it’s quite comfortable.

Literally everything in this box was in my wishlist. EVERYTHING. So pleased 🙂

In the same email that proclaimed the arrival of the iPen box was the announcement that I had won the most recent ‘super box’– basically one post is randomly drawn each month to receive a free box of extra supplies and such 😀

super box 1super box 2

My box included six ink samples (none of which I had previously tried), a miquelrois pen pouch (which I’ve been using obsessively), a Prismacolor ‘Manga Drawing Set’ (nice pencils + eraser, but the markers aren’t great for inking– too bold), a Sheaffer ‘Deluxe Calligraphy’ set (love this thing! The nibs are so much smoother than my old No Nonsense ones!), a mechanical pencil + mechanical eraser, and a Red Maple Field Notes (takes fountain pens better than what I’d heard; a more dry FP should be fine). So psyched to continue experimenting with all this stuff!! 🙂

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Kya Riko

Good things that happened in April: TWSBI Eco entered my life, ordered some goldfish for the 40g, last MoC order arrived.

Bad things: Read here.


Kya’s second vet visit was today; just thought I’d post a quick update.

  • Her bloodwork came back wonky last time, remember? They’re trying to determine if she has a terminal virus called FIP. She has to go back for another blood test in two weeks.
  • If the blood test comes back clean, then her surgery for her stomatitis/teeth will be in June.
  • She did gain a little weight since the last visit, which is VERY good for her 🙂 Hoping she continues so I can get her to her goal weight of seven pounds.

So that’s it for now. I’ll keep y’all posted ^.^

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May 2016 Art Snacks :)




  • Pencil is a pencil lol. It does write quite smoothly though.
  • The Krink Permanent Paint Pen doesn’t seem to like my favorite paper; I’ll have to think of another use.
  • I love the color of this drawing ink! So vibrant 🙂
  • The ink isn’t flowing very smoothly in this waterbrush; I’ll have to do some troubleshooting later.

So that’s that for this month’s art snacks 🙂 iPen box should be coming soon!

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May Can’t Come Fast Enough.

April has been the worst month my family has ever had; I am so sorry for not blogging more throughout the month– I have a ton of blog posts started, but haven’t had the time or mental energy to finish any. It’s been just a horrible month.

It started with Grandma’s surgery. I think I mentioned before that I live with my grandparents + one of my brothers to save money, as well as to help with various tasks. She went in for a fairly routine surgery, and the surgery itself went well, but something went wrong with the anesthesia/tube-down-her-throat, leaving her hoarse and unable to talk without coughing. It was way worse in the beginning– at first she even had the early symptoms of pneumonia; they put her on heavy antibiotics– but frustratingly even after a month she can’t talk for more than a minute or two without having a coughing fit, and she still has no voice.

A few days ago we went out to the garden shop to pick up flowers for me to plant. When we got home, grandma went over to look at something, tripped, and fell pretty hard. She couldn’t get up on her own, and without her voice she couldn’t yell for help. If I hadn’t been there to pull her up, I’m not sure what would have happened 😦

Through all of this, Kya began to decline, eating increasingly less and hiding sometimes for up to eight hours. I love her– I love her more than any other pet I’ve ever had– but it was difficult to find a time to bring her to the vet in between all of grandma’s problems. I finally took her in this past Thursday, and it’s really not the best news. The actual exam made it pretty clear that her mouth is all messed up; her gums were inflamed and bleeding and everything. The vet is leaning pretty strongly towards stomatitis, and based on how bad it is, made it pretty clear that the ‘end game’ is removal of all Kya’s teeth (a pricey procedure– online it’s listed at anywhere from $500 to $5000). They took some blood and gave my girl pain killers and antibiotics, and told me to come back in a week.

Yesterday the fun continued. Grandma went into the ER with chest pains and dizziness; her blood pressure was off, so they went in to do a ton of tests to make sure it wasn’t a heart attack or a pulmonary embolism. We were in there for more than four hours and the results were…inconclusive/nothing.

We stopped at a restaurant for dinner– which was delicious (pulled pork quesadilla…)– and about halfway through my meal I got a call from Kya’s vet. Most of her bloodwork came back fine, but one specific one was off; it was hard to hear her in the restaurant, but she said something about a virus, and it could be really bad, and she’d have more information for me when I went in Thursday. The pain medication and antibiotics really have made Kya a different cat for right now; she’s twice as affectionate and eating darn near constantly– but now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop 😦 She’s only three years old…

So, yeah, that was my April. Please please please let May go better!

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I keep a tiny notebook on me at all times specifically for making tiny little abstracts… here’s the ones I have in my current book so far:

Cuadernito 1

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