Getting back into the swing of things.

It’s been forever since I really thought about this blog– a lot has changed.

Back in March, I fell at my job and shattered two of the bones in my right ankle. After a surgery to put in place ten pins and one plate, it’s been a long, slow recovery. I’m not at 100%– I may never be– and this injury restricts me from using my spinning wheel at this point. It also makes standard on-your-feet-all-day retail work really difficult. I’m slower than I used to be– weaker than I used to be– and it’s insanely frustrating.

In May my calico girl Kya passed away 😦 It was a sudden decline, and she was really young, so we weren’t expecting it.

In June I married my beloved husband– we’re still looking for a place to live of our own; for now we are staying with family.

Right now, I’m jobless, kinda homeless, and focused on my art, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to resurrect this blog.

Here’s to new beginnings πŸ˜‰

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I am an idiot.

I am an idiot who can’t keep up a regular blogging schedule.

There. I broke the silence lol.

Now I can get back to irregularly blogging.

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Tour de Fleece 2016– Final Week

This year I’ve chosen not to spin with a team, but to spin solo and with my own rules. If you’d like to know more ‘official’ information about the Tour, there’s some here.

tdf w4 1


Started spinning a BFL braid I found hidden in my stash from a couple Tours ago (I’m pretty sure it was a prize I received).


More spinning of the same braid. One ounce down.


More of the braid.


More. Plus an art yarn (Merino/BFL/Bamboo)

tdf w4 2




Started n-plying.


Finished the skein πŸ™‚

Because I met my goal of spinning every day this week, I will reward myself with a fun order from an Etsy shop πŸ˜€

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Tour de Fleece 2016– Week Three

This year I’ve chosen not to spin with a team, but to spin solo and with my own rules. If you’d like to know more ‘official’ information about the Tour, there’s some here.


tdfw3 1

Finished plying the mohair art yarn (crazy mohair singles + two plies of commercially spun lace-weight mohair boucle).


tdfw3 2

Spun and plied a sample of Chiengora– Samoyed, to be precise. It was mostly undercoat, although there were some guard hairs. It’s very much like angora!

Tried to spin my sample of wolf, too, but it’s far too short-stapled for me. I’ll have to blend it with something.


tdfw3 3a

Started a project of yarn for a bag– rough-and-tumble yarn, to be precise. It’s a thin ply of an alpaca/wool blend plied with thick, crazy-spun seconds from Stonington’s fleece– very pokey, them seconds. It reminds me a lot of Icelandic, with Tog and Thel. It should be a strong bag. I have enough for one more skein (and plenty of extra of the colored wool).

tdfw3 3b

Also finished that Seacell/Merino project πŸ™‚ Messy four-ply.


(forgot to take a picture)

Continued working on those colorful singles (alpaca/wool). They really aren’t soft, but they are strong and have a pretty look to them.


tdfw3 4a

Art yarn day! Started with my Cashgora sample– a horrid sample, full of seconds and nepps and such. I plied the craziness with some of that purple stuff for strength.

tdfw3 4b

Next I sampled Debouillet. Look at that glorious floofiness! I am just so in love with this yarn ❀

tdfw3 4c

Next I tried something new, adding mohair locks sporadically into the singles from an alpaca/camel/llama batt, and then plying with more of the same batt (but without the mohair). So amusingly lumpy… and the mohair reminds me of jewels…


tdfw3 5

More artsy stuff. Finished the second mohair yarn.


tdfw3 6

So much squidge πŸ™‚ I finished off the week with no open projects (and plied up almost all of my leftover singles from various projects), so for the final week I’m free to spin up some of the fun fiber I found hiding in my stash πŸ™‚

Finished the bag yarn project, spun up the leftover purple into squidge, and plied leftover debouillet singles with leftover batt singles from the batt I used with the red mohair.

Since I met my goal of spinning every day for this week, I will reward myself with a prize after the Tour– a pound of fun fiber πŸ™‚

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Tour de Fleece 2016– Week Two

This year I’ve chosen not to spin with a team, but to spin solo and with my own rules. If you’d like to know more ‘official’ information about the Tour, there’s some here.


tdfw2 monday

More than halfway through my one-and-only braid now πŸ˜€


tdfw2 tuesday

Merino goes very slowly. Bright side– these are the thinnest + most even singles I’ve ever done πŸ˜€


tdfw2 wednesday

Annnnd the spinning ADHD begins. Started a Seacell study because the merino braid is boring me.


Jeanette Illumine  July 2016

Went on a mini vacation, so the next four days of spinning were done away from home. Jeanette came, too, lol.

tdfw2 thursday

Finished and n-plied three ounces of the merino braid, and decided to combine the remaining ounce with my Seacell to create an art yarn. I’ve made the decision to let me ‘studies’ be more freeform (so boring otherwise!), hence the ‘combining fibers’ thing. Also started another study– suri alpaca in the raw (carded but raw -_-”) from a local farm πŸ™‚


tdfw2 friday

Spinning ADHD at full force now. Worked on the Suri and the Seacell/Merino, and started mohair lock singles for an art yarn.


tdfw2 saturday

Finished Suri singles and started n-plying. Continued mohair singles.


tdfw2 sunday

Not photographed, but I finished plying the Suri and the skein is hanging up to dry. I’ll have to wash it a second time, though… very dirty -_-

Mohair singles done. Also a picture of that first Merino skein now that it’s dry– it’s not as even as I thought, but it’s crazy-soft ❀


I met my goal of spinning every day for this week, so after the Tour is over I can buy myself a prize– a new spindle πŸ˜€

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Tour de Fleece 2016– Week One

This year I’ve chosen not to spin with a team, but to spin solo and with my own rules. If you’d like to know more ‘official’ information about the Tour, there’s some here.



Technically not a TdF day, but I was so excited I started early!

My goal for week one was to start & finish the 1oz sample of yak I’ve had sitting on my desk taunting me for the last year. It’s a short fiber, and slippery, and likes to pull apart, so I assumed it would take me a couple of days.

tdf day 0 prespin yak

I assumed wrong.

Once I fell into a rhythm, yak wasn’t too bad. It requires a lot of concentration for me, but using my lightest spindle helped a lot, as did complete focus on smooth drafting. I like my n-plied end result πŸ™‚


First official day of the Tour! Since I finished yak yesterday, I started my braid today πŸ™‚

tdf day 1

I’m realizing that the reason I got bored/tired of spinning in the first place is because I was so tied to finishing my list of breeds. Color and texture and fun– I need that; I can’t keep going with the clinical observations for very long ^.^” This is fun, though.


tdf day 2

My camera has crapped out, so we’ll have to deal with phone pics for right now. More spinning of the braid.

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June Art Snacks, Sketch Box, iPen Box, and Maker Monthly :P

I’m way behind on reviewing these, so I’m just going to combine the four into one Mega-Post.


Art Snacks:

June Art Snacks 1Art Snacks 2

  • I’m not huge on pencils, but this one was fairly pleasant to work with.
  • Kuretake #7 is NOTHING like the #8 I love so much! #8 is an actually brush with bristles and everything. #7 is a felt-tip marker. They look the same and have the same cartridges, though.
  • Caran d’Ache Fibralo Brush Marker functions a lot like the Koi Coloring Brush Pen from an earlier box. This color is nice for shading.
  • I have no opinion on the Spectra AD Marker; i received the lightest shade of pink in existence, and I can’t even see it, let alone experiment with it lol
  • The tiny Denik sketchbook is adorable. It’s in my shoulder bag along with my Field Notes. I do wish they could have found a way to ship it without rolling it up; it has a permanent crease on the cover now.


Sketch Box (Premium):

June Sketch Box

  • I wasn’t expecting to like Pan Pastels– pastels and me don’t get along well– but these are applied with (basically) make-up sponges and thus don’t make a mess. They’re also crazy expensive (I want more colors!! >_<). I will have to experiment more in order to get better at creating depth of color.
  • Love the Pitt Marker πŸ™‚ I may need to buy more of these; I’d forgotten how nice they are.
  • The Pitt Pastel (charcoal?) pencil worked ok, but it doesn’t seem to like my go-to paper, so I guess I won’t be using it often.


iPen Box:

June iPen Box

  • Theme-wise, this box was a lot more laid back than the others; it looks– for lack of a better term– more ‘masculine’, and didn’t really appeal to me aesthetically.
  • The two Baoer Eight Horses pens– the rollerball and the fountain pen– both look lovely but skip far more often than I’d like.
  • Totally loving the Caran d’Ache Carpenter Pencil πŸ™‚ I wish I had a sharpener for it, though. It’s great for quick, expressive sketching.
  • The Schneider Sharky ballpoint is just another ballpoint. The grip section is too large for my hands, so this will probably be given away.
  • I love Field Notes πŸ™‚ This oneΒ  with the Cherry cover is really cool; I haven’t decided what to use it for yet, but I LIKE.
  • The ink sample– Diamine Rustic Brown– is a rich, gorgeous brown; I’m saving it for a special project, so more on that later πŸ™‚


Maker Monthly:

Apparently I was mistaken; April was not the last box I had paid for before ending my subscription… which turned out to be an epically good thing, because this was my favorite package in June πŸ™‚

June Maker Monthly

The Tombow pencils are wonderful– I’ve been using them a lot– but what impressed me most was the leather Fauxdori πŸ˜€ I added extra elastic so I can fir three Field Notes in there, and it’s been going with me everywhere ❀ As much as I love this package, though, I can’t see using notebooks fast enough to have to re-subscribe any time soon.

In conclusion:

Other than Sketchbox, I’ve already tried three boxes for each subscription service. So far I’m leaning towards cancelling all but iPen– I’m just not getting inspired the way I suspected I would; having the freedom and $ to buy supplies as I find them and as they inspire me would probably be better. It’s been fun, though πŸ™‚



June Other

Today’s page Catch-Up πŸ™‚

yarny june

Local shop had a massive yarn sale. I’ve been back three times so far 0_0 I’m trying to progressively buy up all their alpaca! Also a scarf I made lol

That’s all for right-this-moment; catch y’all later πŸ™‚

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